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Hanson Baliruno is a Ugandan recording and performing artiste. He was born in Nsambya but was raised in Kasubi, Kampala, Uganda. He is a songwriter, a performing and a recording artist. Hanson's present successes are all based on two main factors, he was born into a Ugandan musical family formed by the Christian church. Already in his teen years, he was enrolled in the church gospel choir where he was a lead singer.

His singing talent and experience helped him to be respected among his primary school classmates. During his primary schooling years, he got the nickname "Hanson The Musician". He gained popularity at school due to his music will to entertain his classmates. He was the kind of guy who burst into song whenever asked to perform. At 12 years of age Hanson's first song was recorded. His first song paved his gospel musical path. Read more

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“Hason Baliruno Music”

Released: 13/09/2018
Label: Ntabangula
Format: Digital Download, CD
Certifications: RIAA: Gold

  1. Saala Za Maama Hanson Baliruno 05:55
  2. Titanic Love Hanson Baliruno 07:48
  3. Kandanda Hanson Baliruno 11:36
  4. Njaga Hanson Baliruno 04:26
  5. Die hard Hanson Baliruno 03:30
  6. Akatambala Hanson ft Saida 02:43

Hanson Baliruno

An African Songwriter, Recording and performing artiste


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