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Hanson Baliruno is Ugandan recording and performing artiste . He was born in Nsambya but was raised up at Kasubi, Kampala, Uganda. He is a Ssongwriter, a performing and a recording artist. Hanson's present successes are all based on two main factor, he being born in a Ugandan musical family and formed by the Christian church.

Already in his teens years, he was enrolled in the church gospel choir where he was a lead singer. His singing talent and experience helped him to be respected among his primary school classmates. At his primary schooling years, he got the nickname "Hanson The Musician". He gained popularity at school due to his music will to entertain his classmates. He was the kind of guy who burst into song whenever asked to perform.

At 12 years of age Hanson's first song was recorded. His first song paved his gospel musical path. He got in connections to a top prominent Ugandan gospel singer called Judith Babirye. He spotted Hanson's singing and performing talent and she wanted him under her wings. She last signed Hanson in her band from November 2009 to 2013. Judith Babirye's gospel band helped to form, nourish and boost Hanson's music artist career.

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He got the eyes to be involved and to discover the inside and outside success principles of the world music industry. After massive success with Babirye's gospel musical band and with his gospel solo acts and projects. He visioned a larger vision of working towards an international music career.

In 2013, Hanson took on his dream of being an international music artist, he immigrated to Europe and settled in Sweden. During the same year, he wrote a hit song called "love letter ". That is the song that he was rehearsing on the New Year's of 2014. Once again in 2015, Hanson came up with another new hit song called " follow follow ". In that new song, he featured The ghetto kids of Uganda dancing in his music video. Hanson's Follow Follow song has got over 2 million views on YouTube and has turned this small music chap from Uganda into a new YouTube music star.

His songs are gaining massive attention on the entire web meanwhile Hanson is loading up his music career towards the international scene as a new Afro pop / Afro Beat music star. Hanson has so far performed on big and small stages and in different countries including Uganda, Kenya Tanzania, Rwanda, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Norway, Nepal and Sweden. Hanson has so far released two full music albums and 10 music singles. Hanson has been nominated for several gospel music awards in the Scandinavian thus 2014 as an artist of the year by African Crown International Music Award Music is part of Hanson Baliruno's life and he is expected to live on it while performing and entertaining to put smiles on people's faces. He feels that music is what he was born to do.

For sponsorship and promotion, Hanson has so far worked with: 100 songs record company, in Sweden, Extensive Music Sweden AB, Selim Mouhoubi Productions (France), A&R Mathias Wachtmeister (Warner Music Sweden), Thomas Gylling (Mosquito Events, Sweden), Nigerian – Dominic Emene African music promoter (Afrodance Sweden Silverbird AB). Hanson music idols are Michael Jackson, James Brown, Elvis Presley, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston and Judith Babirye

Hanson Baliruno

An African Songwriter, Recording and performing artiste


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